Large Animal Vet Serving DeRidder, LA, & Leesville, LA

Large animals including bovines, and small ruminants like sheep and goats need regular care to remain in good health. As a large animal vet, we can offer exceptional care for all your animals in the Fort Polk, Leesville, LA, and DeRidder, LA, areas.

Schedule an appointment online for large animal care or contact one of our two locations at (337) 537-2454 (ERVC) or (337) 463-7011 (HVH).

Large animal vet in DeRidder, LA, and Leesville, LA

Small ruminants include sheep and goats, while bovines include different species of cattle. These animals need specific preventive and internal medicine services to keep them healthy.

Depending on your animals’ needs, we offer a variety of services including:

  • Preventative care
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental care (treatment of oral diseases and preventive oral care)
  • Parasite prevention and deworming
  • General and internal medicine
  • Reproductive care (ultrasound monitoring, diagnosis, pre- and post-natal care)
  • Fertility exams (breeding soundness exams)
  • Pre-purchase exams
  • And more